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The reality show titled “The Voice of Bhutan, Season I, 2018” is a live singing competition that would endeavor to celebrate the 50 years of Friendship or the Golden Jubilee of Friendship between Bhutan and India.

The show would be held for three months this year; befittingly coinciding to another major milestone both for Bhutan and India as the two countries complete 50 years of exemplary friendship that is founded and based on trust, respect and mutual understanding.

Subsequently, “Bhutan-India, celebrating 50 years of friendship’ would be the theme of the show that would be broadcasted LIVE from the Youth Development Hall in Thimphu every Wednesday and Thursday (5 p.m. – 8 p.m.) through the Bhutan Broadcasting Service. The entire show would be dedicated to the above theme.

We have conducted our audition in Twenty Dzongkhags and have selected 36 contestants. Later, during final audition we have selected top 20 contestants. And the 20 contestants have been well- groomed for a month. The show will have 21 episodes that are planned for LIVE duration for three months (April – June, 2018).

Aims and Objectives:

The Voice of Bhutan, Season I, 2018 would endeavor to achieve the following aims and objectives:
To celebrate Golden Jubilee Celebrations of 50 years of formal diplomatic relations between Bhutan and India.
Advocate on the exemplary relations between Bhutan and India since 1968
Help deepen understanding among people about Bhutan-India Friendship that is founded on trust and mutual understanding
Exhibit the exemplary Bhutan-India relations as an example to the rest of the world
Further help strengthen the relations between the two countries through cultural and musical programmes
Encourage and develop the vocal talent of people in Bhutan – from amateur to professional vocalists
Give talented locals, especially young people, an opportunity to showcase their talents
To produce live shows of as high a standard as possible
To constantly strive to high standard of performance and further improve music in the country
To contribute to the cultural and social amenity of the country
To promote live music through a quality musical talent show and promote traditional music development
To promote the culture and the arts in the country by working alongside likeminded local projects and also looking at other similar organizations to become involved with.
To provide a standard platform to do promotions.

Event Description:
The Voice of Bhutan, Season I, 2018’s main show will held at the YDF Hall in Thimphu and aired on Bhutan Broadcasting Service for three months (April-June) this year.

The YDF Hall would be the main stage/venue of the show which we intend to develop after getting experts on stage and light works from India, and maintain the show at international standards. The venue was chosen given the ample availability of space. The BBS studio was found too small to hold the kind of show that we intend to.

Further, during all duration of the show, a standard logo with the message ‘Bhutan-India celebrating 50 years of friendship would be accompanied in every print and motion works. The National flags of two countries would be placed at the side of the main logo followed by the theme title.
> The theme title will also be placed on the stage at all times. Further, the three judges would be placed behind a set of table placing National flags of both the countries in front of them. All the contestants, judges, guests and MCs will, meanwhile, wear a theme title batch.

The show organizer also intends to produce and air 24 episodes of Bhutan-India Relations’ documentaries with the duration of two minutes each. In these documentaries, effort would be made to cover the visit of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to Bhutan till the recent visit of HRH the Gyalsey to India. In the span of three months, we will cover all the developmental activities between two Nations including the visits of prominent leaders.

Additionally, goodwill messages of the two Nations will be broadcasted during the show, while the Masters of Ceremonies will be highlighting on Bhutan-India Friendship in every programme.

And prior to the final, LIVE programme of the show would be held in Paro, Wangdue, Phuentsholing and Gelephu. Besides the contestants, the popular local artists would be hired and made to perform on Hindi numbers. The organizer had earlier envisioned collaborating with Indian artists and performing during the Grand Finale, the plan couldn’t materialize because of the exorbitant prices.

Finally, the semi-final and the Grand Finale will be held at the Clock Tower in Thimphu and broadcasted LIVE. The Grand Finale will be a standard and glamorous one to mark Bhutan-India, celebrating 50 years of friendship.